McCann Manor
Centerpoint, Indiana
The McCann Manor is located about 7 to 8 miles south of Centerpoint, Indiana. It
was said to be a old hospital. Now it is being used as a Flea Market and Haunted
House. The build is a amazing building and the effort to keep it going is amazing.
We were contacted by David Shepherd from WTWO Ch. 2 in Terre Haute about a
story he was doing for Halloween. He had told us that he thought it would be great to
see what real Paranormal investigators do and give people a inside look at what we

We found the McCann Manor and contacted the owners to see if they would be
willing to have us come out and investigate with David and his photographer Kurt.
They gave us the OK and then we were set to see just how brave a news reporter
could be!

We met at McCann Manor and after introductions and going over the types of
equipment we have, the hunt was one. At first not a whole, lot was happening. When
we broke into smaller groups that is when the fun began.

We had our investigators Ryan and Brett in the boiler room and we sent out two
female investigators Annette and Stacy up to the 2nd floor. David, Kurt, and Bob
headed for the laundry room. All these areas have had reported activity or just a
report of uneasy feelings. While in the laundry room, a call was received from Ryan
and Brett that they were having some activity in the boiler room. We went to join
them and while we were there, we did hear some strange taps and noises that
sounded like someone was talking. At one point Ryan did ask if anyone was there,
could the tap 2 times so we would know it was them, and Ryan received his 2 taps.

A little later, we set up one of our K2 meters on a upside down milk crate. We were
just hoping that what ever was in the boiler room would just come close enough to
make the lights on the meter go up the scale. Instead, while David was watching the
meter, it moved approximately 2 inches from where we had originally set it. We
aren't sure which was better, the meter moving on it's own or watching David's
response to it! (You did great David! We're proud of you!) Shortly after that Ryan
and Brett thought they had seen something moving and just at that time, our fully
charged camcorder battery went to 23 minutes and about a minute later went to
zero. This was the time a call came over the radio from the girls upstairs asking that
we come up and come quick.

Annette and Stacy told us when we arrived that they had heard something moving,
then their K2 and EMF meters both went off, followed by what sounded like
someone saying "NO" not far from them.

We did continue our investigation through the night. A few things were heard and
seen. Ryan and Bob saw what appeared to be shadow movement while in the jail
portion of the building. While the rest of the team was upstairs, they heard what
sounded like a dogs squeaky toy being squeezed.

The McCann Manor is a amazing place and we are going to work with the owners to
come back and see about continuing our investigation there!
Evidence caught while at the
Macan Manor
These may take a minute to
load, please be patient!
"Leave Now"
caught as we were beginning the boiler room
Ryan asking for a noise to be made if
someone was there and receiving them. This
was in the boiler room.
Whistling caught on one of our audio
recorders while nobody was in the boiler
"We're going to play" caught on a recorder
used by Annette and Stacy on the 2nd floor of
the Macan Manor
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story by David Shepherd
and Kurt Maddox from
Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Ghost Hunters