Hillsboro Cemetery
Hillsboro, Indiana
July 2006
"Can you hear me" EVP
Private Residence Investigation/ Hillsboro Cemetery, New Castle, Indiana, July 8, 2006

We were contacted by a private individual who wanted us to conduct an investigation at his home. We met with our client and he
filled us in on things he had seen, as well as being pulled out of bed and having scratches on the rear of his legs. We took some
baseline readings and then set up a date and time for us to come out.

The date was set for July 8th. We met ahead of time to go over what we had been told and to set up a game plan for the
investigation that evening. We left from the eastside of Indianapolis and headed for new Castle. When we arrived at our clients
residence, he wasn’t home. We thought maybe he was expecting us later. So after a couple of phone calls and pgs to contact
people, we received no reply. We then contacted Charlene Perry, author of “Haunted Henry County”, we told her about what had
happened and she was quite surprised. Especially since she was the one who originally introduced us to our client. We thought
since we were in New Castle that we might as well do some exploring and maybe some investigating.  Charlene gave us directions
to a abandoned house that she has written about in her book. We weren’t real crazy about going to a home without any
permission. Which didn’t really matter since we didn’t have any luck locating it anyway. We did come across a church with a
cemetery, in Hillsboro, Indiana we decided to get out and see how old the cemetery is. We did take some photos and we used our
recorders to see if we might pick up any EVP at all. All this time we were still trying to contact our client as well, with no luck.  The
only thing that it appeared we found were two Labrador puppies.

After a short investigation, probably about 20 to 25 minutes. We packed up and returned to our clients home. We noticed the note
we left on the front door was gone, and the lights were on. We placed another call and still no answer. So we called it case closed
and made the trip back to Indianapolis. To this day we still have not heard anything from the home owner. So hopefully any and all
activity at his place has gone away or at least died down to a level that can be lived with.

When we returned we reviewed the EVP recordings and photos. We had nothing on our photos, except for some dust orbs, and of
course a couple of great puppies! When we did go through our recordings, one recorder had nothing. The other recorder we did
have a couple of spots with some EVP on them. Our team members Annette and Holly were the ones who were working the EVP.
One instance has Annette asking if you have any children, followed up by and what are their names. We did get an answer of
“Michael”, there was another EVP that something along the lines of “Can you hear me, go away” Both of these have been cleaned
up and put in our EVP section for you to review. If you think it says something else , please feel free to e-mail us at
admin@indyghosthunters.com with your thoughts!
"Michael" EVP is currently
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