The Hannah House
Indianapolis, Indiana
November 10, 2006
The following EVP's were captured while our team was staying on one of the Hannah House
overnighters. The weather was in the 50's with a thunder storm happening that night. It really
was a great setting to stay in one of Indiana's most famous Haunted Houses. If you ever get
the chance, you should go!
EVP's from the basement.  The basement is where it is rumored that slaves were buried after a fire.
Can you get out of here                                                            Hey Rob                                                             Help Me!
(Rob used to live at the house as one of the caretakers)
EVP's from the 2nd floor
There is a story that Mrs. Hannah used to have choir practice for the church.Once we heard this we
began wondering if this is some kind of residual EVP from back then. Listen and tell us what you think!
The Attic!

The attic was where our most memorable parts of the evening occurred. There is a story that a young boy was killed in the attic, and possibly
burned there to hide the evidence. Some of our investigators did catch a shadow on the Mini-DVD, you can see that it our "Video" section. We
had two of our investigators come up, one of which was touched, for those of us up there with them you could just feel the intensity.
These EVP's were captured by Stacy, Annette and Bob just before Stacy was touched by whatever is in the attic.
Do you have any brothers and sisters?                                 Do you miss your Mommy?                                            What is your name?
These EVP's were captured after Stacy had her encounter, and we were picking up equipment that was dropped after Stacy and Annette left  the attic
Leave the house!                                                                            Get out!
The Hannah House Video
Shadow  in  the  attic!
November 10, 2006
Approximately 2:30
Our founder Bob N. and Brett Pittman from Haunted Indiana were in the attic with two
other investigators. The both had said they were seeing shadows. If you watch this video,
you will see it move from right to left and then back again. This was caught on our Sony
Be sure to watch the railings, it is the best place to see it. The group was seated out of
range of the camera and was actually checking temperature readings at the time

Let us know what you think!
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Indianapolis, Indiana
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