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Hannah House Mini-Hunt February 26, 2009

We were contacted by a student from Franklin Central High School’s telecommunications class. They put out a show once a
month where they find strange and unusual jobs and hobbies. They ask us if they could sit down with us and talk to us about
paranormal investigations. I figured the best way for them to find out what we do is to try and take them on an investigation. I
contacted the Hannah House and they as always were kind enough to have us come out and conduct a mini-hunt. The mini-
hunt is one where we come out, set up our equipment and do a quick investigation, mainly for people who may be interested
and it gives them a better idea of just how much is involved for an investigation.

We were only at the Hannah House investigating for about 1 ½ hours, but the spirits in the house seem to like us (or not) and
we were able to catch some things. Take a look and let us know what you think!

So thank you to Jeremy and Con from FCTV and a special thank you to Ali and Sharon from the Hannah House! Be sure to
keep an eye for the cable show that features local high schools. You never know when you will see us out there! When I get a
date and time I will make sure to post it.
This EVP was caught in the Library Room. It appears to be saying the name Isaac. To our
knowledge there is nobody associated with the house by this name. There is the thought that
maybe this could be one of the slaves names. Without finding any documentation, it is just
another EVP for us to try an figure out.
This was caught by our investigators that were working in the basement. The statement was said
that they were going to draw a picture for who r whatever is down there. It's sounds to us like it
says "Clowns Only" and was picked up just a the end of the statement.
This EVP was caught on the first floor, it is one of the front rooms. This was not far from where we
had our central command set up. It appears to be saying "We're not buried" which goes along with
the story that there may be slaves buried in the basement.
"Shhhhh" is heard                                                                                         "Tim" is heard

Even though these are video clips, you always have to listen to the audio. Both of these were recorded on
a Sony Camcorder placed in the "Brides Room" facing the 2nd floor hallway. I can confirm that nobody was
in the room at the time. We heard a shhhh in the first video, and the second video that is Tim you see
reeling up a cord as we were breaking down for the night.

We have been to the Hannah House to investigate several times and we have always come away with
some kind of evidence that something or someone is still there. Be sue to check out our investigations
from other years and other places. Let us know what you think!
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