Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Ghost Hunters
The Old Blackford County Hospital
Hartford City, Indiana
May 2010
This was our 2nd time to investigate this facility. It was a interesting place, and we're glad we got the
opportunity to check it out. From what we understand, the building is no longer available for
paranormal investigations.

We have 6 possible EVP’s for you to check out. These were caught on the 2nd floor. We have more
but these are the best to be made out. Check them out and let us know what you think!

These may take a little bit to load, so please be patient.
Possible Child's Voice while talking                                                      Possibly "Harry"
in the background
Possibly "Wake Up"                                                        "Hey" followed by "Imagine That"
Possibly "That is my room"                                                    Sounds like a name being said