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Ghost Hunters
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Louisville, Kentucky
May 14, 2009
The Indy Ghost Hunters had the opportunity to investigate Waverly Hills with
just our group and some friends. Here are some of the EVP's we captured
during our time there.

Thank to Charlie and Tina Mattingly for allowing us into their wonderful historic
building! Please click on the above photo to visit the
Waverly Hills website!
            Mrs. Abner P.                                                                       Mrs Abner P. (Slowed)
This is actually a "Disembodied Voice" the reason for this is because the voice was actually heard by
Stacy and Jason. For it to be considered a EVP, it would have only been picked up by our recorder and
not heard.

Probably one of the best pieces we have pickup to date!
"Grandma" or "Grandpa" followed
by "Beth"
"Grandma" or "Grandpa" followed
by "Beth"
Cleaned and Amplified
"Get Them" followed by "Away"
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