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Welcome to the
Smiley Hannah House
Results Page!

As you have heard, Smiley, KJ, and Weedman all joined us at the
Hannah House to see if the could find anything paranormal.

Here are the results from the hunt that night, October 26, 2009!

The first one below was captured in Grandma's room. When you listen you will here what sounds
like a raspy voice followed by a thump. What makes this interesting is there are 3 investigators
from the IGH in the room, and none of them acknowledge any of the sounds.

These next 3 were all caught on the Indy Ghost Hunters wireless microphone. This was placed in
the front room that is attached to the dining room.

The first almost sounds like it might be a dog that is barking. The only thing is there were no
dogs barking. We sent this to the Hannah house staff and they had not heard this before either.

The next 2 are the same possible EVP. One is cleaned up so that it might be heard a little
clearer. It sounds like it may be saying "Who Am I?"

Feel free to check out all of our possible EVP's. If you hear something besides what we think
they may be. Please email us at and let us know what you think!

Possible Dog Bark                                         "Who am I"                           "Who am I" Cleaned to hear better

Now for the evidence that has had us really cautiously excited. We have 2 video clips, one from
the camera that we let Weedman use and one from the IGH Camera inside of Grandma's Room

Both of these cameras have picked up the same thing. One was actually while Smiley, KJ,
Weedman, and several IGH Staff members were present.

When our group does review, if we can not rule out any chance of any normal reason for what
we may see or hear, then we throw it out. The footage caught by the camera used by Smiley's
producer Weedman we might have thrown out, just because there are so many people in the
room that something may have caused the activity.

With the IGH Camera, we can say that after reviewing all of our other cameras inside and
outside of Grandma's room, that there is absolutely nobody in the room when the activity

We are working on getting the video captured by Weedman, as soon as we do then we will have
it for you to view also.

The footage below was caught by the
Indy Ghost Hunter's camera placed in
         Grandma's room.

Watch the Buggy it is on the right side
             of the video!

You can watch the carriage                          Zoomed in to see better
handle on the right

We also had a video camera set up in a room on the 2nd floor. This room, if you are familiar with
the Hannah Mansion, is the one with the hidden stairway behind the bookcase. These were
picked up after Dave, KJ, and Weedman and said their goodbyes to us and we were in the
process of tearing down and packing up. The first one was caught at 7:45:29, you may have to
lisen twice, but you will hear "Get Out". The 2nd was about a minute and 20 to 30 seconds later.
It is really clear and you can hear "Now Get Out". Check them out and let us know what you
"Get Out" at 7:45:29                                        "Now Get Out" at 7:46:41
Ghost Hunters