Shelbyville Private
January 2009
Our investigation at this home in Shelbyville, Indiana was really interesting. When we were first
contacted by the home owners. They were telling about some of the things they were
experiencing. These included hearing a piano play, when there is no piano in the home. They
had reported doors opening and closing, the sighting of an apparition walking through the

The home itself was built in the late 1800's. What was really nice to have was the family had
the history of who had owned the home.

When we started the investigation, the family was there and really involved with what we were
doing. We sent out 2 teams, one in the attic and one in the basement. With one person left
watching Central Command. Ryan, Tim and Bob at different times while at command central
all heard what sounded like piano notes. We were fortunate enough to actually pick up what
sounds like a piano both on a digital recorder and on one of our hand held cameras we had
set up in the kitchen.
Above is the audio clip and
the video with the possible
Piano Notes is to the left.
Please check them out and
let us know what you think!
We did get some responses to our K2 meter, but we did notice that there is a large radio
antenna about a block away from the home. So when we saw that, we pretty much had to
disregard K2 responses in the attic. Although When Toni, Annette, Holly, and one of the home
owners we in the dining room. We did get some interesting responses on the K2 there. We also
caught a couple of possible EVP's as well.
Possible Neil or Heal                                                                         Possibly "Rene won't stop me"
While we were reviewing our audio, we found a interesting piece that was captured in the
upstairs hallway. We heard what sounds like a child asking
"Are you going to come play with me?"
Original Recording                                                                                        Recording Amplified
While in the attic our camera picked up what sounds like humming. It is at the beginning of the
The humming is at the beginning of the
video. Let us know what you think!
The best pieces of evidence were caught on the 2nd floor. We have to go back to what the
family told us about doors opening and closing. According to our recorders, around 11:51pm
we pick up another EVP of a child that sounds like it says "He'll be right back"
Original Recording                                                                                          Amplified Recording
Then the most interesting piece of evidence we caught was this piece of video on our DVR
system. This actually happens approximately 5 minutes after the EVP we caught above.

What you want to watch is Channel 2 at the 11:56:36. Keep an eye on the door!

Channel 4 is the camera showing the hallway outside the room.

When we closed the doors, Tim and the home owner closed them. Bob and Ryan went
behind and double checked to make sure the doors were latched.
We did have all of our investigators and family members
accounted for. There was no one on the floor at the time.
Ch 2 shows the door
from inside the room
Ch 4 shows the
hallway outside of the
room. The room is
located on the left
side. By the "9" in
Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
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