Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Ghost Hunters
The Edinburgh Pixy Theater
Edinburgh, Indiana
September 2011
A short History of the Pixy Theater (from the theater website

The Edinburgh Pixy Theatre was built in 1907 to be used as a Masonic Lodge which remained it's
primary use until 2008. It was paid for by Masonic members who purchased "shares" for $25.00 each.
The Rainbow Girls and Eastern Star also met there; The theatre has been a former opera house, movie
theater, and home of the Edinburgh Sugar Creek Players for nearly 20 years.

Following its acquisition in July of 2008, the former Masonic Lodge/Pixy Theatre has undergone
extensive renovation and now serves as a unique historical venue for live music, arts, stage
productions, weddings, and events for the community of Edinburgh.
The following is just some of the evidence we caught while investigating the Pixy. This is a amazing
building with a rich history! We would just like to thank the owner and staff of the Pixy for allowing us
the opportuniy to spend some time in a great building that has come back to life!
We are still reviewing our recordings
and video, please be sure to check
back as we update this investigation!

Thank you!
Unknown Whistle Sound
Possibly "Help Me"
Crew says Thank You followed by
possible response of "De Nada"
(Spanish for "You're Welcome")