Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Johnson House EVP's
Female Voice caught in the living room                                  Female Voice Amplified and Cleaned
"Want Them in"                                                                          "Want Them In"
Female Voice in the Living Room                                                   Female Voice Amplified
"Who is it" or Who is there"                              Singing "Who is it" or Who is there"
Voice caught in Living Room                                                    Voice Amplified and Cleaned
(Nobody in house)                                                                       
 "Yeah, I'm Here"
"Yeah, I'm Here"
Caught in upstairs Bedroom,                                              "Important" Slowed to hear better
This bedroom was Barbara's brothers room
Sounds like
Caught in the Family Room
"Hi Edith"
Edith was Barbara's Mother's name
Caught in the Family Room
"I Can't Hear"
Founder and Rusty, the homeowner Then
"Looking For Us" is heard.
This voice is nothing like how any of us
Ghost Hunters