Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Ghost Hunters
IMSI Museum of Spirits
Gettysburg, PA
April, 2011
During our trip to Gettysburg in April of 2011, we were given an opportunity to
investigate the Museum of Spirits. This building was there during the
Battle of Gettysburg.

This building is really amazing, we were able to investigate the basement where the
occupants of the house hid during the 3 days of the battle, which was really something
to experience!

Below is some of what we captured during our investigation.
This EVP appears to say "Runkle" after letting Jon and Chris Williams from the museum hear this,
they also thought so. Jon told me the Runkle is the name of the person who owned the building
during the battle!

This was captured in the room where the Dangers of the Paranormal are displayed. We
nicknamed it the "Ouiji Board" room.

Below are a few more that we captured in the same room.
"They're in there Nellie"                                                         "Please Help Us"

"Let Em Out"                                                                      "Sister Ellie"
We recordings from other areas of the museum as well but they are still
being analyzed. Be sure to check back and see what else we may have!