Private Residence
Indianapolis Area
February 2008
We have been fortunate enough to have a private residence client give us permission to
put what we have up on our site. We are just putting up the EVP's that were caught. We
did capture a couple of things on video, but to protect the families privacy we will not be
using those.

The family contacted us after several years of activity. The had finally got to the point of
wanting to sell their home. Some of the activity reported is seeing a small child that
looks to be around 7 years old. Every time the child was seen it looked like it was a
young girl wearing period clothing.

Below are some of the EVP's we captured. One is VERY clear and almost unbelievable!
It is the one that says I'm Maggie. We have found out that there is a Margaret in the
family line of the people who used to own the property. The only ones present at the
time when this was caught were Josh, Tom, Toni (the only female present) and the
home owner. You will here Toni talking about footsteps being heard upstairs to
document that for when we review the recorders. A few seconds afterwards is when
You hear a voice say "I'm Maggie"

Check them out and let us know what You think! This investigation is still ongoing. So
we may have more at a later date!
"I'm Maggie"                                Toni's voice and
EVP                                                                                  comparison
Ryan asks for a knock                              Ticks me off!
and gets one!
Bob is at Command Central set
up in the garage. It sounds like
he might have a friend! To some
of us the EVP sounds like it
says "Hi Bob"
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