A brief history of the Indy Ghost Hunters

1996 - 1997: Bob Newkirk starts the Indy Ghost Hunters as a family group and
begins                               planning vacations around haunted places. Starts investigating
small                                      cemeteries,and the local community theater.

1998: First Digital camera in purchased for Bob's 40th birthday. The Indy Ghost Hunters
joins          the International Ghost hunters Society

1999: The Indy Ghost Hunters goes to Gettysburg, helps with tour of Sach's Bridge.

2000: The Indy Ghost Hunters leaves the International Ghost Hunters Society and decides
to           work as a independent group.

2001 through 2003: Equipment is slowly added, investigations slowly start to pick up.

2004: www.indyghosthunters.com website is started.

2005: The decision is made to start taking on new members. 4 new members added.
The                Indy Ghost Hunters work with Charlene Perry, author of Haunted Henry
County. Case            load continues to increase

2006: The IGH investigates the Milano Inn and makes their first visit to the Hannah House
in             Indianapolis, IN. Membership is increased again by 4.

2007: The IGH investigates the Andersonville Civil War Prison in Andersonville,
Georgia.                   Local Investigations continue to increase. Bob and Annette make an
appearance on               the WZPL, Smiley Morning Show on Halloween. Case load
explodes! Once again                   membership is increased by 2, team size is now 14.

2008: The Indy Ghost hunters are featured in the Indianapolis Star, Indy Magazine,
WTWO             TV in Terre Haute Indiana.  Case load increases to where the team adds 3
more                    members, team size is now 17 members.

2009: IGH Radio begins as part of The All Souls Paranormal Radio
Network                                   (
www.asprn.com) Stacy Newkirk and Annette Perez are
selected to be the first hosts!           The Indy Ghost Hunters are still working as a
independent group, but are still working            hard to help any group, person or business
understand paranormal activity

2010: IGH Radio shuts down temporarily. IGH Basic Ghost Hunting Classes begin at
the                 Inner Path in Greenwood, Indiana. 1st Class hunt is at Black Moon Manor.

2011: The Indy Ghost Hunters get an opportunity to investigate a building that was
standing             during the Battle of Gettysburg. It is currently home to th Museum of Spirits.
The group          also checked out the battlefield, Jenny Wade house, and the orphanage.

IGH Class still going strong, 2nd class hunt was at the Hannah House in Indianapolis.             
The 3rd class beginning in August. The IGH Website is updated to include                             
Environmental Conditions.

The IGH starts experimenting with a green laser grid to see if it assists with spotting              
shadow movement.

Currently the group size is 22
Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Ghost Hunters