Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
The Evan's House
Indianapolis, Westside
Here are the EVP's we caught while at the Evan's home. The
house was built in 2000 so it is a newer home. So don't think
that only 100 year old homes are the only ones with activity!
From the Master Bedroom
     "It Didn't Work"                                        "it Didn't Work" Amped and Filtered
     "Flower Bed"                                                 "Flower Bed" Amped and Filtered               
"They've Got Them"                                   "They've Got Them" Amped and Filtered
"Harold, Harold, Mort"                                "Harold, Harold, Mort" Amped and Filtered

This one was really interesting after finding out the Eric and Robin have a Harold and            
Mortimer who were an Uncle and Grandfather who have passed away.
Caught in the Living Room
Female Voice "He Shot at This"                              "He Shot at This" Amped and Filtered

Duriing the investigation 2 of our investigators heard what sounds like a young girl talking in
the hallway between the bedrooms and the living room. Robin had a really extensive
background on the home and the area before we even got started. This really helped a lot!

There are  a few more, but these seem to be the ones that really got our attention. Check
them out and let us know what you think at
Ghost Hunters