Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Stacy N.  “The Daughter”
Tech Director,  

I started at the age of 7 because my Dad made me.  If we ever got caught in a cemetery at night our story was
that I was working on a project for school and I wanted to get pictures of cemeteries at night. I grew up without
telling anyone about the “family secret” so on the weekends instead of hanging out with my friends, I would hang
out in cemeteries or old buildings.   Most people would think that being only 7 you would have other interests,
which I did, but let’s face it I’m a “Daddy’s Girl” and whatever he wanted I did. But he always made sure that I
always felt safe and no danger was around.  Except for that one time at the Hannah House….but that’s another

Outside of IGH, I am a Nurse and I am planning my wedding in October which basically takes up my entire life.  

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