Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Ryan J.
Investigations Manager

I am the Case Manager, Tech Department Member, and Investigator for the Indy Ghost Hunters. I have
been part of the team since 2007. My first paranormal experiences began when I was around the age
of 7. The home my family was living in had been reported as haunted in the local newspapers. Of
course I never knew that until after we moved out, but even to this day I can remember strange
occurrences in the home.

As I got older and my interest in the paranormal grew, I felt I needed some answers. I turned to
researching the paranormal and watching any documentary or reality show on television that had to do
with ghosts. After doing some amateur ghost hunting with my wife, I needed a better understanding of
my findings. I felt it was time to move forward and join a professional paranormal investigation team. I
joined the Indy Ghost Hunters to not only answer my own questions, but to assist others out there to
understand the paranormal.

When I am not investigating the paranormal, I am also an owner of a construction company and I enjoy
spending time with my wife and son.

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