Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Josh Jenkins
(AKA T.M.E.*)

I started in the group because I have lived next door to the Newkirk’s for 12 years, and I always wanted to go along when they
went out on the weekends. I actually started participating though, when I started dating Bob’s daughter. I know, usually a pretty
good sign just to turn and run, but what do I know. I am the Tech Manager and an investigator. I have been in the group for 3 years.

My interest in the paranormal field really didn’t start until I found out what Bob did in his spare time. Once I began to pay attention
to the things going on around me I started noticing things. I think Bob’s ghost have migrated into my house from his house.

My “NORMAL” life consists of being a Biomedical Engineer at Riverview Hospital in Noblesville, Indiana.

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