Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Bob Newkirk

I founded the Indy Ghost Hunters in 1996 even though my interest in the paranormal has been there for
much longer. I was the kid who always wanted to stay up and watch the scary movies late on Friday night. I
was also the one that when Halloween came around wanted to head for the haunted houses.

When my Mom passed away I started to wonder just what was out there. Just what happens to us when we
pass? So since I was 15, I have always wondered just what happens and why there are souls still here.

When I told my family that this was something that I really wanted to start concentrating on, they really did
not know what to think. Then we traveled to Gettysburg, we stopped the car in the battlefield, shut off the
engine and heard what sounded like people moaning. Later we heard cannon fire and well as rifle fire and
the Indy Ghost Hunters were born. We started with just our family and now our family has grown to here it is

Today our group has grown, and we are continually searching for answers to the paranormal. I hope that
from our experiences and studies as a group and individuals that maybe we can find a clue as to why
things happen, and hopefully we can continue to help educate about the paranormal and be able to help
those who have activity, questions or just an interest with what is out there.

When I'm not busy with the IGH. I have been working in the Biomedical Engineering Department at
Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis since 1987.

I would especially like to thank my wife Sandy, my kids Jason and Stacy, as well as the rest of my family for
their patience and understanding in allowing me the time to try and find answers to questions I have had for
a long time.  

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