Indy Ghost Hunters is a scientific, paranormal investigation team based out of Indianapolis,
Indiana.  Since 1996, we have been investigating the paranormal and assisting those who have
been experiencing paranormal activity.  As an active group, we have conducted investigations
in multiple private residences as well as, commercial properties in and around the state of
Indiana.  We have investigated the historic Gettysburg National Battlefield, the Chickamauga
National Battlefield, we have even investigated as far away as the St. Augustine Lighthouse,
Military Hospital, and Fort located in St. Augustine, Florida.    

Indy Ghost Hunters is a not-for-profit group, which means our services are completely free.  
Each investigation we conduct is done in a serious, professional manner.  During our
investigations we utilize the latest technology such as: digital photography equipment; digital
video equipment enhanced with infrared capabilities; analog and digital audio recording
devices; digital, infrared thermometers; electromagnetic field detection devices; and non-video
night vision equipment.

If you are experiencing events within your home, business, and/or property that you cannot
explain and you would like us to help, go to the
“Contact Us” section of this website.  Please fill
out the form and we will evaluate your submission and contact you to set up an appropriate time
to meet with you regarding your request.

All pictures, video, audio, and data retrieved during interviews, preliminary investigations, and
investigations are property of Indy Ghost Hunters.  As our property, we reserve the right to post
our findings on our website and/or in various publications.  No personal information of our
clients or their exact locations will be released unless a signed form is on file with Indy Ghost

***We are not psychics, and we do not perform séances or cleansings.  Out of commitment to
our clients, however, we will provide assistance in finding a solution to a troubling paranormal
situation if needed.***

Please feel free to review some of our evidence in the EVP and Video sections of this website.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Ghost Hunters