Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Ghost Hunters
from the
Smiley Morning Show
October 26, 2016
EVP's from the IGH
(We call it Bob's house!)
          "More Than 10 of Us"                                        They're Barking at you"
EVP's from a
Private Residence
Shelbyville, Indiana
Right after catching the "He'll be right
back EVP, we had video of a bedroom
door opening. The recorder was in the
hall outside the bedroom and our
camera was inside the room looking at
the door.
The piano sound that was captured
was interesting, especially since there
is NO PIANO in the home!
EVP's from the
Milano Inn
Indianapolis, Indiana
              "Mary's Good"                                                              "Left Life"
"He'll Be Right Back"
Piano Sound with
NO PIANO in the