Indianapolis, Indiana
Est. 1996
Ghost Hunters
The Crump Theater
Columbus, Indiana
September 19, 2009
This was our 2nd investigation at the Crump Theater. Once again it did not disappoint us. We were
working with a film crew from Ball State University, both their crew and ours had experiences that
really want to make us return again!

We did not capture anything on video this trip, but we did capture some EVP's that we would like to
share with you and get your opinion on!
These were captured by the front storage room as the team was turning off lights for the night. Stacy and
Annette were turning off the lights and you will hear what sounds to us like "Stacy go back".
"Stacy go back"                                                                        "Stacy go back" EVP ISOLATED
This next one was captured in the basement. Stacy was working with Brett at the time and you hear her ask a
question then you hear  what sounds like another female possibly saying "No I'm Not"
"No I'm Not"                                                                                "No I'm Not" EVP ISOLATED
This one was caught in the basement by the dressing rooms. This was pick up by one of our recorders which
was left running in the basement all night. To us it sounds like it may say "Who would have taken the script"
Which falls in line with where we were.
This one comes from the balcony of the Crump. This is an area that most activity is seen or heard. Brett is
working a EVP Session with members of the BSU film crew and this was picked up while they we watching
shadow movement. Unfortunately, none of the shadow movement was picked up by IGH cameras.

Brett is making a call on the radio back to Command Central, as he finishes you will hear the radio beep then
what sounds like someone saying "I'm so cold". We checked with the film crew and reviewed the video
footage and we can confirm that this is nobody from the team or the film crew.
"I'm so cold"                                                                                                                "I'm so
cold"                                                                                                                                           EVP ISOLATED AND AMPLIFIED
This next one is actually classified as a "Disembodied Voice", it is classified this way because it was actually
heard as well as picked up by our recorders. This was heard by several of us who were there that night. It
appears to song like a female singing. Since most of us were sitting in the Balcony at the time and we could
see each other. We knew that it was not one of us.
Possible "Singing"                                                                                     Possible
"Singing"                                                                                                                                            cleaned and amplified
The last one we have for you was caught by Bob and Ryan. They were working on the Mezzanine Level
which is right off the Balcony. At first we weren't sure just what this was, but after listening and doing some
tough evaluations. You will hear Ryan and Bob talk then it almost sounds like an elderly man saying that it is
"Kind of Chilly" Bob and Ryan were the only ones in the area at the time.
"Kind of Chilly"                                                                               "Kind of Chilly" EVP
ISOLATED                                                                                                                 Slowed  Down to be able to
hear it better